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The Directors at AlfaNordic A/S

The area directors are sales and business responsible each for their disciplinary area of AlfaNordic, as well as line managers for AlfaNordic’s personnel. The area managers can be contacted for further information about each area.

Frank Winther-Hinge
Managing Director, AlfaNordic Academy

T: +45 5059 1598

Mai-Britt Olafsson

T: +45 5353 4378

Mikala Nøhr Lange
Business Support

T: +45 5353 1155

Paul Orlien

T: +45 5356 7700

Preben Lind Hansen
Business Development

T: +45 6146 2340

Rasmus Kriegel

T: +45 3144 7515

The Directors at AlfaNordic Inc.

The area directors in the US can be contacted for further information.

Henrik Linnemann
Co-owner, Board Member & Senior Consultant

T: +45 2811 0091

Thomas Meldgaard Petersen
Co-owner, Board Member & Senior Consultant

T: +45 4050 9300