Welcome to AlfaNordic A/S - Excellence in GMP
At the present time, AlfaNordic employs 62 staff members.
One of AlfaNordic’s principles is that we respond to requests within 24 hours.
AlfaNordic is a consulting company and we do not perform contractor work. We are members of FRI (Foreningen af Rådgivende Ingeniører). We employ consultants who can act as builder advisors or project managers on constructions for the pharmaceutical or medical device industry.
AlfaNordic is a High-End consulting house working within the pharmaceutical industry with production support, management consulting, project management, process, validation, QA, QC, IT/Automation and medical devices. Our consultants have a background as pharmacists, engineers, technicians, biochemists, computer scientists, ph.d. or other scientific education and they all have experience with pharmaceutical production and medical device production, respectively.
Yes, AlfaNordic is a privately owned limited company.
Yes, all AlfaNordic’s employees have a pension plan and are covered by insurances for critical illness, accidents and company travels.
AlfaNordic holds employee meetings approx. Every two months during which the business and the ’state of the union’ are reviewed and discussed.
AlfaNordic regularly holds social events for the employees, for example Christmas lunches, employee meetings, summer excursions and parties.
AlfaNordic conducts courses for customers within for example GMP, using experienced instructors.
Yes, AlfaNordic conducts internal education and courses at least once a year, but preferably every six months, to keep up the consultants’ know-how.
Yes, AlfaNordic has an electronic quality system which complies with ISO9001.
No, AlfaNordic is not accredited to perform ISO certifications.
Yes, AlfaNordic performs audits and has experienced auditors within internal, supplier, CMO, MOC and subcontractor audits. We are specialists in GMP audits of productions.
No, AlfaNordic works exclusively within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, as well as within the Life Science industry.
Yes, AlfaNordic also works with for example GDP and GLP. Please contact our sales department for further information.
AlfaNordic trains and continuously updates the employees’ skills and competencies with GMP courses.
In addition, AlfaNordic conducts GMP training for customers.
AlfaNordic pays a competitive salary and has a bonus system where the employees are paid for extraordinary efforts. See also employee fringe benefits, social activities and events and internal education.
AlfaNordic is a privately owned aktieselskab. The company is run and managed by Senior Partner Christian Ilsøe, Senior Partner Henrik Linnemann and Senior Partner Thomas Meldgaard Petersen. Chief Executive Officer is Thomas Meldgaard Petersen. Other managers at AlfaNordic are Frank Winther-Hinge, Mai-Britt Olafsson, Paul Orlien, Mikala Nøhr Lange and Preben Lind Hansen.
Yes, AlfaNordic appoints a Key Account Manager for bigger customers to act as a beachhead between the customer and AlfaNordic.
No, one of AlfaNordic’s principles is NOT to move consultants from a task until the customer declares that the task has been completed.
Yes, AlfaNordic works both in Denmark and internationally.
A framework agreement is a general agreement between a manufacturer and a consultant for ongoing consultancy assistance.
Yes, AlfaNordic is a member of the following industry associations:
  • DI (Dansk Industri)
  • FRI (Foreningen af Rådgivende Ingeniører)
  • FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers)
  • EFCA (European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations)
Yes, AlfaNordic has a consultancy insurance and a liability insurance.
Yes, AlfaNordic has several business partners:
  • Genau & More
  • Emendo
  • RG Quality Support
AlfaNordic does not use subcontractors. We have however a few independent consultants affiliated to AlfaNordic, and these independent consultants perform AlfaNordic work as AlfaNordic employees.
AlfaNordic is a consulting company and we do not perform contractor work. We are a member of FRI (Foreningen af Rådgivende Ingeniører).
It is normal practice within the pharmaceutical industry to use a lot of abbreviations – it is almost like a language in itself. See also ’Explanations of abbreviations’.
Validation is a concept within the pharmaceutical industry that means verification or demonstration that a product or a service complies with the requirements specified by the users.
  • GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice
  • QA = Quality Assurance
  • PM = Project Management
  • QC = Quality Control
  • GDP = Good Distribution Practice
  • GLP = Good Laboratory Practice
  • FAT/SAT = Factory/Site Acceptance Test
  • IQ/OQ = Installation/Operation Qualification
The employee fringe benefits at AlfaNordic consist of social events, education, Christmas presents, Easter greetings and freedom with responsibility.