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AlfaNordic A/S is a high-end consulting house with more than 60 employees working in the pharmaceutical industry. We are specialists in pharmaceutical production, project management, management consulting, validation, production support, IT/AUT, QA/QC and medical device.

Our consultants work as user representatives in projects, as technical experts and in productions within the industry, in Denmark as well as internationally. We have framework agreements with a large part of the pharmaceutical manufacturers in Denmark.

Courses and training

AlfaNordic offers customer-tailored education, fully up-to-date with today’s standards. We know the challenges that the Life-Science industry is facing and offer a broad range of knowledge within strategic and organisational consulting services, from risk assessment within the industry to administration, GAP quality analysis, interim management and GMP.

Project Management

Our competencies within project management cover a wide range of the pharmaceutical industry. From raw material and utility systems over filling and packing lines to complete plants manufacturing vaccine.

Medical Device

Expert knowledge and consultancy of a high quality through all phases of the life cycle of the medical equipment.

QA Services

Our QA/QC area delivers high-end services in compliance with Eudralex vol. 4 (FDA210&211), CFR 820, and ISO 13485, including all guidelines. In addition, we offer QC experts, resources for QP, QP delegates and QP assistants.

Management Consulting

Strategic and organisational consulting services. Risk assessment ranging from industry to administration. From idea to implementation.


Qualification and validation of facility, equipment, processes (API, Aseptic, Packing), cleaning validation and IT/automation. We can advise, perform reviews and quality assurance, or we can prepare the required documentation ourselves.

IT / Automation

User representatives for drawing up requirements in connection with URS documents, hardware, software, instruments, calibration, bus systems, data collection, alarm handling, validation (FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ, PQ, PV, MIT). Analyses and implementation in practice.

Production Support

Experienced resources for preparing batch documentation, non-conformities, CAPA, SOP and associated training. AlfaNordic can supply chemists and pharmacists to consult and assist in the production, as well as experienced auditors for internal audits and audits of subcontractors and CMOs.

Examples of assignments

QRM analyses (FMECA)
Risk management
Product recalls
Interim management
Production support
Client representative PM
QP assignments
PQ/PV & Cleaning validation
Serialisations / UDI
Supplier and internal audits
Training (GMP & QRM)
Contractor & vendor sourcing
QA Assignments
QC Validation & Consulting
Audit (internal, suppliers, MOC)

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Paul Orlien

T: +45 5356 7700

Mai-Britt Olafsson

T: +45 5353 4378

Rasmus Kriegel

T: +45 3144 7515

Frank Winther-Hinge
Managing Director, AlfaNordic Academy

T: +45 5059 1598

Henrik Linnemann
Co-owner, Board Member & Senior Consultant

T: +45 2811 0091

Thomas Meldgaard Petersen
Co-owner, Board Member & Senior Consultant

T: +45 4050 9300

Christian Ilsøe
Co-owner, Board Member & Senior Consultant

T: +45 5152 9030

Preben Lind Hansen
Business Development

T: +45 6146 2340

Vagn Alexandersen
Business Support

T: +45 3144 7502

Steen Langgaard Jensen
Management Consulting, Project Management & Process

T: +45 6124 5169

Bertrand Jannik Bourgeat
IT & Automation

T: +45 3144 7508

Contact to our US Office

Contact our Directors in the US directly if you want to know more, send us a competency inquiry or book an introductory meeting. We are ready to help you.

Henrik Linnemann
Co-owner, Board Member & Senior Consultant

T: +45 2811 0091

Thomas Meldgaard Petersen
Co-owner, Board Member & Senior Consultant

T: +45 4050 9300